Human Design write-up

Are your curious about your Human Design chart and what it all means?

I'd love to provide you with a highly specific, personalized and completely original writing of your Human Design.

I'll write about whatever stands out to me from your unique chart, based on a question that you have or something you're currently struggling with.

What to expect...

With the greatest care, I'm going to dive into your unique Human Design chart, based on the birth details you gave me, and start writing intuitively about the different energies that stand out to me when looking at your chart.

My writings will help you to find a deeper connection with your inner being. It is my intention to give you insight and tools to tend to your inner world. You're going to learn how to best support your energy, what makes you YOU, and how you can take better care of yourself so that you can serve others even more.

I'm going to write about your purpose: why you were put on this Earth, what your learning style is, how you relate to other people in your life, and more... This will give you valuable information on finding your unique place in this world.

Each write-up is crafted intuitively and with the best of intentions, and includes:
  • A love letter to your type and what's important for you to know to create the live and business you love.
  • A more in-depth reading of important energies in your chart and how that makes you unique.
  • Gentle self-care nudges for you to become stronger and more confident as a person and soulpreneur.
You'll receive your write-up in the form of a downloadable PDF through e-mail.
You will also get plenty of opportunity to ask a reasonable amount of follow-up questions via e-mail, after receiving your write-up, on anything that you're confused about or don't understand.

What clients say...

I learned from this write-up that waiting for an invitation and listening more to my inner authority helps me to be more in tune with myself, nature, and surroundings. It gives me a more relaxed and accepting attitude towards life. Also, I need to practice better listening to the need to take rest. The write-up in its whole definitely spoke to me.

Sheila Haanstra - van Kan

Integral holistic balance therapist

The write-up I got from Daisy gave me more insight into myself. What inspired me the most is knowing that I’m a Manifesting Generator and need to wait for signs from the Universe, instead of just doing and initiating things. That is true. I noticed in my life that it works that way.

Nathalie Gyllebert

Energetic therapist & healer

The write-up I got from Daisy gave me aha!-moments and explained a lot of my behavior. It gave me some peace of mind. Before the write-up, I thought something was wrong with me but now I know that’s not the case.

Ann Van den Heuvel

Home & life organizer

Human Design Write-up

Receive a highly specific, personalized and completely original writing of your Human Design.


Your write-up will be ready within 5 to 10 business days.
Thank you for your patience.

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