A list of favorite things I use
to build and grow my business online

This is definitely my number one tool for building my business. New Zenler has everything, from building a website, marketing funnels, and selling courses to building a community for your audience and sending e-mail broadcasts, all within one tool. This has saved me a ton of heartache, sweat, tears, time, money, and energy. And what I love most about New Zenler is that they genuinely love and listen to their clients.

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Whenever I talk to one of my followers, a prospect, or a client, I use Zoom. With Zoom, you can speak to anyone worldwide by sending him/her your Zoom link. It's better than Skype, more stable than Whatsapp or Face Time. With the cheapest paid version, you can also organize group meetings up to 25 active participants (and 100 listeners) at a time. It works like any conference tool, only better and more affordable in price, and your guests don't need an account to access your Zoom room.

Acuity is one of those companies who really invest in their clients by listening and developing the needs. That's precisely why I chose them. They keep on developing new features for no additional cost, and that makes Acuity into an excellent scheduling tool. Whenever a client books an appointment with me through Acuity, a Zoom meeting automatically is created and sent to both myself and my client so that we can meet at the agreed time/date. What a joy!

Flodesk is just stunning! I was immediately sold when I first encountered this easy tool to create beautiful e-mails. It has everything you need to wow your subscribers and build your e-mail list.

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In my opinion, one of the best tools in de market for auto-publishing Instagram posts. Not only can you auto-publish posts, you can also schedule Instagram stories and keep track of everything through statistics. Use hashtags with ease and auto-post your first comment. Also, a great tool to use for Pinterest as well.

Forget about Linktr.ee. Just go with Lnk.bio. Easy to set up and insanely affordable (but you could also use the free version, of course). You can track views and clicks, brand your page and even add a video. Overall, best tool on the market to link your Instagram to your website and offerings. 

The problem with going live on Facebook is the complexity when you want to go live from your desktop or laptop, instead of your phone. Also, your followers don't get to register for notifications, so when they finally notice you going live, they're already running late into your broadcast. With Ecamm Live, you can smoothly go live from your desktop/laptop and announce your live broadcast. Followers can get notified ahead of time just by clicking a link. Super handy!

When it comes to creating and editing videos, Camtasia is the tool to go with. Most video editing tools are quite complicated, but with Camtasia, I got going really quick. Also, Camtasia allows you to record your screen, which is a fantastic feature if you want to make tutorials. You can easily add music, effects, your logo, captions, etc. up to the point that you can choose from a massive Camtasia library (of which not everything is free, though). I use Camtasia to edit all my videos, even for an Instagram story.

I manage al my to-do lists in one easy-to-use tool on all my devices. Trello helps me to stay on top of all my projects, goals, and schedules. Some of those Trello boards, I share with my husband, so that we can hold each other accountable for certain tasks.

If you don't know anything about graphic design, then this tool is definitely for you. I have zero graphic design skills, so for me, this tool is a true life-saver. With Canva, it is easier to create professional-looking and branded graphics for your business.


Whenever I need a new domain name, I go to One. I've been a client with One before I even started as an entrepreneur (which was in 2005!), registering tons of domain names over the course of years. One also provides an excellent and affordable hosting service.

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English is not my native language, and although I speak and write it fluently, Grammarly has saved my life on numerous occasions. It's not only a great tool to write better English, but it is also a tool that helps you understand the mistakes you make and learn from it. I love that you can use Grammarly on any device. I couldn't go without it.

This may sound odd but this service really is a life-saver for me and my family. If you have fur babies at home and you want the freedom to travel for your business, Trusted House Sitters is where you need to be. I've made some great friends through this platform and you could even house- and petsit anywhere in the world yourself, if you like.

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