Sacral Sessions

for Generators and Manifesting Generators
with Sacral authority

Sometimes you just need that extra push to discover your inherent truth. I'd love to be that person for you, to give you not only that little push but help you to activate your Sacral Response.

During a Sacral Session, I will be asking you yes/no questions so that you can start to listen to your gut feeling about the subjects you want to explore. Get clear on what you want in no time!

How does it work?

  •  Sacral Sessions only work with Generators and Manifesting Generators who have Sacral authority. This means that your Sacral center is defined but your Solar Plexus center is open or undefined. 
  • Generators and Manifesting Generators with Sacral authority have a strong sense of gut feeling expressed through Sacral Sounds: "uh-uh" (yes) and "uhm-uh" (no). With Manifesting Generators, because they move so fast through life, it can also be expressed as a very short and fast "yep" or "nope", or something similar.
    • By activating your Sacral Response, you can connect with your inherent truth in no time. You'll be able to cut through your mind's chatter to find clarity on whatever question you have.
In a Sacral session, we're going to:
  • take some time to pinpoint what it is exactly you're currently struggling with or want an answer to;
  • hold a yes/no questionnaire, building up to the subject you want clarity on;
  • evaluate the answer(s) that came through and pinpoint your next step of action.

What clients say...

Daisy is a wonderfully warm person. She does business with her heart. She tells openly and honestly about her quests and explorations. You get valuable tips about doing business as a solopreneur!

Janien Leeuwerke

Coach & trainer

Very enlightening, your explanation about being a Manifesting Generator.
Pieces of the puzzle are really falling into place, and that feels great!

Yolande van Loon

Visual storyteller & creative

Always fun working with Daisy. So much valuable information for staying true to yourself and still working on your own business. Love Daisy's way of thinking and sharing.

Ann Van den Heuvel

Home & life organizer

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Single Session


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  • 30-minute session
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  • 4x 30-minute sessions
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